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We are Interim Jobs

At Interim Jobs, we have set ourselves clearly defined goals from the very beginning. Our ability to think along and aim for the best results is what made us the perfect partner for addressing various staffing needs, as well as issues related to project development. Our focus on constant development and care for our partner's success is what allowed us to build a portfolio of over 50 lasting relationships and grow from 250 to over 1000 employees in the span of 6 years.

Interim Jobs services front

Our mission

Interim Jobs' mission is to become a top 10 supplier of high-quality temporary workers in the logistics sector in the Netherlands. Interim Jobs wants to achieve this by offering quality in its services, for both clients and temporary workers.

Our vision

Being a good employer, in combination with good service, is essential to achieve the right match between a client and a contractor. This starts at the source in our recruitment process. We pay attention to our employees throughout the employer journey of our temporary workers. In addition, Interim Jobs is critical of who it works with. Together responsible for the growth of the temporary workers. That is our key to success.

Interim Jobs office

Our history

Interim Jobs was founded in 2016. Because several clients came over from various employment agencies, the company was able to grow rapidly over the years. Despite the growth of the company, efforts have always been made to preserve a number of values. Think of the well-being and career prospects of our employees, but also in the collaboration with our clients. By listening carefully to our clients, we try to add something extra to our work with our VAS/VAL service.

2016     Foundation of Interim Jobs

2018     200 workers

2019     300 workers

2021     500 workers

2022     Own warehouses for


2023     All In Flex becomes part

              of Interim Jobs




satisfied customers


projects managed


years on the market

Proven quality of service

As a flexible employment agency we place high priority on accuracy and delivering what is requested, even under high pressure. We are your professional partner in all thing recruitment and selection of qualified personnel. Every day we delegate many temporary employees to various logistics and production companies in the Netherlands. Our workers are deployed at many different positions, which include, but are not limited to order pickers, production employees, forklift drivers and front office staff.

The quality of our services has been proven in lasting cooperations with companies like:

  • CEVA Logistics

  • Crocs Europe

  • OMS Logistics

  • Frigolanda

  • EuroRijnXL

  • AWL Moerdijk

  • Agility Logistics

  • DVR Logistics

Interim Jobs VAL/VAS project line

Besides providing companies with temporary employees, we're also conducting VAL/VAS activities for a number of big companies. Our rework tasks consist of labeling boxes, quality checks and soldering components on PCB's. Most of these reworks are performed under a strict deadline and high quality requirements, however with experienced supervisors, team leaders and quality controllers our employees are capable of handling these types of activities.

Certifications and policies

As a certified business, Interim Jobs is inspected on an annual basis. Therefore, consistent quality is guaranteed. We are a member of the NBBU (Collective Agreement for Temporary Workers). Hereby, the rights and obligations of our temporary workers are protected.

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